We are delighted that you are considering becoming a member of the youngDPG.

All persons who are interested in crop protection and want to be actively involved can become full members of the DPG. Admission takes place upon written application (form "Application for membership") by the 1st chairperson.

The youngDPG can include bachelor students, master students, doctoral students, postdocs and young professionals. The maximum age of members in the young DPG is based on the maximum age for the award of the Julius Kühn Prize (40 years).

Members of the youngDPG who are in training can apply for a reduced membership fee for a maximum of three years after joining and are thus an "ordinary member in training". The membership fee then amounts to €20/year. After admission by the 1st chairperson of the DPG and the application for a reduced fee, the membership fee will be charged once for the first three years (60 €).


Collection of membership fees

  • As a rule, the direct debit procedure is intended for the payment of membership fees. In future, we will have to charge administrative costs of €2.50 for invoicing and reminders. These costs do not apply to direct debit.
  • For the direct debit procedure, please inform the office immediately of any changes to account details, as otherwise additional charges of €10 may be incurred.


The following forms must be completed and submitted for a complete admission.

Financial support for members in training: unbureaucratic and in the interests of young talent
  • As a member in training, you can apply for a grant of 50 € per calendar year from the DPG as a travel allowance if you actively participate in a working group (does not apply to the Plant Protection Conference!). Active participation includes poster and lecture presentations. For the travel allowance you must send an informal letter with your name, bank details and a confirmation of active participation by the working group leader to the DPG office, Messeweg 11-12, 38104 Braunschweig.
  • Members in training receive reduced admission to the Plant Protection Conference and the International Berlin Symposium of the DPG.
  • The annual excursion can also be financially supported for participants.