The 60th Annual Meeting of the Mycology Working Group will take place in 2025

Prof. Dr. Marco Thines
Institut für Ökologie, Evolution und Diversität/Biodiversität und Klima
(Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre - BiK-F)
Forschungszentrum Senckenberganlage 25
60325 Frankfurt am Main


Dr. Monika Heupel
Landwirtschaftskammer NRW, Pflanzenschutzdienst
Diagnostik von Pflanzenkrankheiten
Gartenstraße 11
50765 Köln-Auweiler

  • Presenting current research projects and results in short lectures and poster sessions
  • Debating current plant cultivation problems related to mycological causes
  • Drafting potential solutions to prevent and control mycological-related problems
  • Scientific and practice-oriented topics in the fields of diagnosis and taxonomy, morphology and physiology, ecology and epidemiology, monitoring and prognosis
  • Scientific basic research
  • Reports from agricultural and horticultural practitioners
  • New molecular-biological methods of diagnosis
  • Threshold concepts
  • Resistance to chemicals

The working group is comprised of colleagues from universities, the Julius Kuehn-Institute and plant protection services, industrial corporations, and other research institutes. Annual 2-day-meetings are open and held at changing locations; they are joint meetings with the working group “Host-Parasite-Interaction” and serve to present new research results and to exchange ideas and experiences. Between 60 and 120 members of both working groups attend the meetings.